Bath & Body Fragrance Descriptions

This is where you can find a description of every bath & body scent we offer. As we expand our scent catalog, we will update this page.

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16th Floor - Citrus, patchouli and tonka

4 A.M. - An exotic mix of full-bodied romantic eastern notes, sweet white florals, honeysuckle and frangipani leading to a core of herbs and all-spice, spice tea, vanilla, vanilla bean, tonka bean that dries to a base of middle eastern vetiver and patchouli.

Accidents HappenClean and citrusy. Lavender, Lily of the Valley & Jasmine finished off with added touch of mossy, woody, musk and ambergris.

After Dark - A contemporary, fresh, woody fragrance. Citrusy Italian bergamot and black pepper, then move to a heart of lavender and leather. Sweet, earthy patchouli is one of several base notes that close this masculine fragrance.

Agave Lime - Shimmering citrus blend of lime, lemon, orange and tropical floral notes and exotic agave greens.

Allure - Tangy red berries, black currant notes, green cassia, tropical litchi, succulent pineapple and juicy melon notes

Almond Biscotti - Top notes of almond on base notes of sweet vanilla. A great smell, just like the desert.

Almond Coconut - Our very best roasted almond with tropical coconut fragrance.

Aloha Kisses - A playful yet juicy fragrance of tropical passionfruit, kiwi and pineapple intertwined with fresh coconut that encompasses a sunny beach day.

Amber & OudDecadent woods & oriental notes awaken the ambiance with an intoxicating drizzle of golden amber.

Amber Romance - Amber and white musk dance throughout a sweet floral heart underscored by sultry sandalwood and vetiver.

Amber Waters - woodsy, sexy, masculine aroma with top notes of pink grapefruit, Italian bergamot, and red berries, followed by middle notes of white lilies, lavender, and a marine accord, sitting on base notes of golden amber, patchouli, and guaiac wood. This scent is very similar in aroma to the popular Invictus cologne for men

Amber Ylang Ylang - Amber and Ylang Ylang in our mystical fragrance base of fruits, oriental florals, neroli, amber and musks.

Ambered Tobacco Leaf - A unisex fragrance with notes of lemon sparkle, dried apricot, and mandarin leaf sitting on Cuban tobacco, amber, and brushed sandalwood.

Angel Wings - Sweet musk notes embrace light floral nuances of jasmine, white flowers and lilacs

Animalistic Instinct - Intoxicating scent that has clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose.

Anjou Pear Blossoms - A sophisticated blend of bergamot, pear nectar and ripe, orchard apples; enhanced by heady garden florals of jasmine, lily, rose, pear blossoms, and gardenia, intertwined with precious woods and vanilla

Apple Cinnamon - Red juicy McIntosh apple, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks

Apple Orchard - Perfect combination of Cameo, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith apples. So refreshing, you will think someone just peeled a fresh apple in your house

Apples & OakMcIntosh and Granny Smith apples, orange, peach, and pineapple with floral middle notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, and violet

As You Were - Citrus, Floral, Ozone, Woody, Amber, Cashmere, Musk

Asian Pear & LilyA beautiful, complex accord containing top notes of Nashi Pear, Apple, and Leafy Greenery

Asian SandalwoodWoodsy and peppery notes of the sweet-smelling wood if sandalwood

Attraction - Inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. Amber combines with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. Powdery Violet then unfurls to reveal Sandalwood. Finally warm Chantilly Musk rounds out a base of crisp Amber and Cedar wood, leaving the raw spirit of Mojave Ghost to linger on the skin.

Australian Bamboo GrassNotes of bamboo, fresh lime, lemon, mint, and ozone

Autumn BreezeFresh breezes, orchid and Ylang dance on top of sandalwood, patchouli and freshly fallen leaves. A woodsy, earthy fragrance that invokes warmth in the heart.

AwakenAn exotic tropical delight! The tart scent of juicy goji berry blended with deep blood orange. A perfect marriage of fruit and citrus!

Awapuhi Seaberry - Tropical flowers and ozonic marine notes collide in this fresh fragrance. Italian bergamot, tart seaberries, and marine, ozonic notes; flowing nicely into middle notes of geranium, jasmine, and fresh rose petals; well-balanced with a base note of white musk.

Azul Cove - A subtle scent that will bring you the attention you desire. Its mix of Sicilian lemon, delicious apple and delicate bellflower intertwine with dry paper-like bamboo, sweet jasmine and provocative white rose. on a bed of cedarwood, warm musk and golden amber. It is a unique scent that is perfect for every woman.

Baby PowderSoft powder notes with an undertone of rose, jasmine and violets.

Baker StreetA masculine blend of bergamot, fresh juniper, jasmine and earthy patchouli.

BambooBright and fresh bamboo essence mixed with good for you green tea.

Bamboo & White GrapefruitThis fresh, complex fragrance begins with notes of White Grapefruit, Petitgrain, and Tangerine; and balanced with notes of Rainforest Bamboo, Juniper Berries, and Musk

Bamboo Chypre - sweet citrus and deep exotic woods combined with cypress, rich dark patchouli, vetivert and the distinctive aroma of oak moss. Delight in the complementary notes of crisp aloe, hemp seed and the exotic aroma of wild bamboo stalks growing in a Brazilian rainforest.

Bamboo TeakThe finest blend of bamboo and teak wood to accent your décor.

Bay RumSpicy, cultural blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, patchouli, and crisp pine needles, with a sweet orange freshness.

Bayside MarinaCrisp and breezy like a day at the beach with fresh sea air, agave nectar and rich floral notes of ylang ylang and wild hydrangea with lavender, vetivert and willow bark

Beach BumImagine basking on a white sand beach as the balmy sea air caresses your skin. As you survey the paradise that surrounds you, you raise your frosty glass to sip a cool, tropical concoction, a heavenly blend of creamy coconut and banana... Does it get better than this? We think not.

Bed of RosesThe heady aroma of roses is as timeless as time itself, and this blend of fresh, pink and red petals captures the true essence of the fragrant flower - as if you were laying on a bed of roses. Opulence embodied; this fragrance inspires confidence and femininity.

Bee SweetA rich blend of assorted fruity notes, succulent pear and tart Mandarin orange intertwine with sweet honeysuckle, fragrant orange blossom and succulent peach notes. Sweet honey, creamy vanilla and aromatic woodsy notes blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrance.

Bergamot & Sea GrassMarine mist fills the air with hints of lemon, bergamot and orange, while cypress and sandalwood adds a smooth depth.

Bergamot Lime - The citrus jewel of the Mediterranean (bergamot essential oil) is uplifting and bright. Mixed with zesty lime will definitely wake you up and make you pucker! Great for those moments when you need a pick me up

Bermuda BreezeCantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon; with citrus top notes of mandarin, tangerine, grapefruit and lime; with just a hint of juicy McIntosh apples.

Bird of ParadiseSweet creamy vanilla is decorated with fresh juicy strawberries and hot from the tropics freshly grated coconut. It's a true delight for those tropic lovers!

Bite MeDracula would fall in love with this fragrance! Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Look & smell delicious. Always 💖

Black Amber MuskAn enchanting blend of black amber, clove, nutmeg and musk.

Black CashmereThe essence of black cashmere is created with spicy notes of white pepper and saffron laced powder blended with notes of rose and seductive patchouli.

Black Cedarwood & JuniperCool and green masculine blend. With light citrus followed by exotic florals and clove buds on a bed of cedarwood.

Black Cherry BombA delightful black cherry aroma that is not too sickening sweet.

Black Code by Armani (M) Type - A seductive fragrance for men. Black Code is a sexy blend of fresh lemon and bergamot softened with hints of orange tree blossom, warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and Tonka bean.

Black Currant AbsintheCaptivating and sensual, Black Currant Absinthe fragrance is a sophisticated cocktail of a scent. Delicate saffron threads, sweet anise, and a whisper of eucalyptus. Luscious black currants and blackberries are at the heart of this fragrance with a hint of green, earthy basil. Dark musk, tonka bean, fennel, and amber enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance.

Black KnightOur rendition of the popular men's fragrance, spicy, sweet, refreshing -- a fresh and fruity blend of sweet spice and woods

Black LinenThe counterpart to White Linen, spicy and seductive, musks and violets, cotton and lilies, linens and lotus.

Black Linen & AmberA unisex fragrance that begins with notes of fresh cotton crisp ozonic notes & white blossoms, finished off with notes of cashmere, amber, musk, and patchouli.

Black Love - Bold leather, deep woody vetiver, patchouli, and oakmoss, accented with light aquatic and white floral notes.

Black Orchid LilyA wonderful scent inspired with an aroma of Orchid Blossom and a velvet hint of Lily of the Valley.

Black Raspberry VanillaEnticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, and musk and vanilla.

Black Sea - Salty oceanic accords combine with dark musk and sandalwood to fill your space with this balanced, airy scent.

Black TieSophisticated notes of black peppercorn and leather are carefully crafted with warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus.

Black VanillaIntriguing and dark, vanilla deepened with black vetiver shrouded in a mysterious cloak of coffee, tea, cream accented with hints of lilies which then leads on a trail of seductive white and black musks

Blue Agave SugarCrisp cucumber water and dew drops add freshness to blue agave sugar and cedarwood

Blue Hawaiian - Tropical dreams unfold as this fruity delight lifts the senses.

Blue MuskA Masculine blend of musks, woods and aquatics.

Blue Raspberry Slushie - Remember the blue raspberry snow-cones you enjoyed as a child? How about those fabulous blue raspberry slushies that can still be enjoyed at most movie theaters? This fragrance captures the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice. This trip back to childhood truly smells good enough to eat...but better not.

Blue Skies - Green Grass, Green Leaves, Carambola (Star Fruit) and Marigold; middle notes are Watermelon, Blue Lotus and Peony; base notes are Musk, Cedar, Woodsy Notes and Amber.

Blue Sugar Type - Masculine fresh citrus blends with rich patchouli, soft musk and sweet vanilla. Inspired by the Aquolina Type fragrance for Men.

Blueberry PumpkinBlueberries fresh from the farm are the perfect match for ripe pumpkins in this delicious autumn blend.

Blush FloretLime blossom, Lemon sugar, Rice flower, Helitrope, Rose, Musk and White amber

Blushed CocoaChocolate covered strawberries and fresh raspberries blend with hot cocoa and whipped buttercream

Boho BlushBohemian blend of warm vanilla milk and jasmine. Let your inner bliss roam free with this intoxicating fragrance.

Born To Be Wild - Fruity, floral blend with hints of musk and ginger.

Born to WinThe essence of a champ, this medley of masculine appeal is sure to set the gold standard. Italian bergamot, French Lavender, Amber & Cashmere Woods take this fragrance to the winner's circle.

Boss Babe - Water lily, tangerine, with middle notes of lily, mimosa and heliotrope. Bottom notes of sandalwood, vanilla make this feminine fragrance a favorite.

Bourbon Butterscotch - Freshly uncasked from rich oak barrels, finely aged bourbon is merged with golden butterscotch and fragrant, sweet vanilla

Breezes & SunshineAromatic blend of citrus, fresh marine notes, and summer flowers. Sure to make you feel a sense of happiness and freedom.

British Miss - Wrap your senses in an elegant blend of soft floral notes and marine highlights. Crisp ozonic top notes blend into mid notes of sea salt, lush green leaves, and intoxicating freesia all resting on a relaxing base of tonka bean, amber, and a hint of musk.

Brown Sugar Pound CakeA delightful combo of Caramelized Pecan, Brown Sugar and a hint of toasted almonds.

Burffday Cake - Lemon and butter; followed by notes of honey and buttercream; rounded out with notes of vanilla bean and powdered sugar.

Butt NakedThe tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice

Buttercream Cupcake - Churned whipped butter, blonde sugar cane; followed by Madagascar vanilla & maple; well-rounded with a dry base note of vanilla extract. Beware to all dieters, this one will make you very hungry!

Cactus & DewberrySucculent notes of cactus and pear nectar are layered with fresh florals and sweetened with agave sugar.

Café Con LecheEspresso that is sweetened with brown sugar.

Cafe ViennaStrong bold coffee infused with vanilla, caramel and brown sugar.

Cantaloupe & LilyThis floral fruity mix is a must try. A great fragrance for all year round.

Capri OlivoWisk away to Capri Island; a breath-taking paradise overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Your mind will embrace this cultural encounter, while your soul attains pure harmony.

Caramel Cinnamon LatteCaramel and Cinnamon come together to make the perfect coffee scent.

Caramel MacciatoCreamy caramel notes are blended with coconut milk, coffee beans and cocoa powder on a base of sweet, frothy vanilla to create the irresistible scent of caramel macchiato.

Caramelized Crimson PearRipe crimson pears sprinkled in caramelized brown sugar with fresh churned maple butter, drizzled with honey and vanilla.

Caribbean BreezeA sweet candy like fragrance of tropical fruits and berries

Caribbean ChocolateA decadent blend of crafted dark chocolate truffles and rich fudge brownie chunks, masterfully blended with rich buttercream and classic vanilla gelato.

Caribbean Coconut - A tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla that's the perfect summer escape.

Caribbean SplashImmerse yourself in the tropical aroma of pineapples, coconuts, kiwis and island berries. Close your eyes and you'll swear you are in the West Indies, lounging on a white sand beach as balmy breezes caress your skin.

Caribbean TeakwoodBold & complex. Ginger, peppercorn, aged teakwood, sandalwood, amber, and dark musk.

Cashmere CreamWrap yourself in the comfort of warm cashmere musk, sweet vanilla and soft woods.

Cashmere PetalsA beautiful soft yet strong perfume fragrance blending several floral tones it to this lovely scent. Reminds me of walking through the perfume section at a department store and all the mixtures of different perfumes.

Cashmere SuedeCharred wood, dark suede, patchouli and tobacco blend to create the ultimate dark fragrance.

Cashmere WoodsLush woody fragrance with cedarwood, amber, musk and vanilla.

Cedarwood Vanilla - The woodsy blend of cedar and vanilla.

Chamomile The comforting, subtle scent of chamomile

Cherry AlmondA classic and loved mixture of cherries and almond.

Cherry Dreams - An exciting blend of tart cherries, sensual rose, and mysterious woody notes yield an indulgently invigorating aroma.

Cherry Ice - Packed with HUGE sweet & juicy cherry-citrus blend with a hint of fresh juniper.

Chocolate Cream Cupcake - Creamy top note of coconut; followed by a warm middle note of buttercream; and well-rounded with a base note of dark cocoa.

Cinnamon Buns - Cinnamon and clove on top of a crisp pastry drenched in creamy vanilla icing

Cinnamon Dolce Latte - Fresh Black Coffee steamed with sweet milk and cinnamon dolce flavored syrup.

Cinnamon Vanilla - A robust blend of spicy cinnamon sticks, hints of clove and velvety French vanilla.

Citrus Flowers - Italian Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Tea Tree with hints of Peppermint. Bright, eye opening and mind cleansing.

Citrus Sunshine - Sweet and tangy. An abundance of tart red berries, juicy orange and peach nectar blended with a twist of lime. 

City Life - A unisex Oriental vanilla fragrance that exudes the deep richness of coffee and sweet caramel. Creamy and seductive.

Classic Sandalwood - A soft and sweet version of the Asian woody classic.

Coco Mango - Mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries, and ripe papaya. Finished off with rich vanilla and toasted coconut with just a hint of soft musk.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere - Light spices and cedar wood intertwined with rich vanilla tonka, warm coconut and jasmine petals over sandalwood, amber, musk and cocoa butter.

Cocoa Kiss - A burst of lemon verbena usher in sweet aura of lilies and lilacs immersed in a deep honey, vanilla and amber base.

Cocoa Vanilla Truffles - A delicious and sophisticated blend of warm vanilla truffle and luscious cocoa ganache.

Coconut Butter - This luscious creation has buttery top notes that lead to the signature of sugar and creamed vanilla bean. Hints of spice add warmth and rich toasted coconut finishes the blend.

Coconut Cupcakes - The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes & ripe coconut with hints of rum and lots of buttery icing.

Coconut Lavender Lemonade - Imagine a tropical twist on sweet refreshing, lemonade by blending in creamy coconut and just a hint of lavender. A calming concoction if ever there was one!

Coconut Lime Verbena - A citrus bouquet of lime, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon, with a soft floral undertone of jasmine, on a background of musk and sandalwood.

Coconut Noir - Powerful, sultry fragrance with top notes of coconut and pineapple giving way to musky cedarwood that is warm and inviting.

Coconut Rose - Long stem red roses, pink peony and violet leaves & sun ripened coconuts

Coffee Bean - This could be the best part of waking up. Smells so strong who needs to drink coffee?

Coffee Mocha - A pick me up comprised of fresh brewed coffee with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

Contradixion - a refreshing, oriental, floral fragrance, a blend of pure pepper, rose, satin wood and sandalwood.

Convicted - Rose, Chili Pepper, Orange Blossom Absolute, Neroli and French Lavender add intensity, while Patchouli and Cedarwood accentuate the scent's richness and sensuality.

Cool Fresh Aloe - A fresh and watery fragrance with cactus nectar and aloe infused with cucumber, violet leaf and a touch of floralcy.

Cool Spring - Bergamot, geranium, lavender, cedarwood and oak.

Cooling Waters - A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery florals and musk.

Coral Shores - Tart Yuzu, Lemon Pulp, Italian Mandarin, Water Lily, Dewy Cyclamen, Fresh Bamboo, Sea Water Accord, Crisp Driftwood

Cotton Blossom & Berries - Raspberry, Apple, Cotton Blossom, Plumeria, Mulberry, Peach Blossom, Musk and Cedarwood

Country Apple - Great fall scent with notes of pineapple, jasmine, and tiger lily; with a dry down of vanilla beans.

Country Clothesline - The aroma of fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh spring flowers of daffodils and tulips.

Cranberry Citrus - A blend of tart cranberries, juicy red grapefruit, tangy tangerine, sweet orange, and lemon-lime.

Crazy Love - Sugary sweet up front with subtle hints of berries and light perfume.

Crystal Seduction - A truly romantic, passionate fragrance. A unique fragrance with notes of fresh ferns and water lilies. Middle notes of fresh rose petals, clove, French jasmine, and lilac, with a background of sandalwood.

Cucumber Cantaloupe - An aromatic blend of ripe cantaloupe, with base notes of juicy cucumber and fresh green notes.

Cucumber Lavender - Fresh cut cucumbers mixed with our very best lavender fragrance.

Cucumber Melon - Cucumber & Melon rest in a flower bouquet of cyclamen. Lily of the valley & jasmine with hints of apple & watermelon on a musky background.

Curved & Chiseled - A refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, and finishing with mahogany and water.

Dandelion Pear - Slightly bitter aroma of dandelion, and wildflowers; perfectly mellowed out with tart fresh pear, green tea leaves, and cool aloe vera. Refreshing and clean!

Dark Kiss Type - Top notes of bergamot tea, black currant, and black forest raspberry. Middle notes of rose and amber. All in a sultry base of vanilla bean, musk, and vetivert. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works scent

Dark Rebel - Green, citrus and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by musk & leather bottom notes.

Dark Shores - Calming notes of lavender, chamomile that are intertwined with myrrh and olibanum and a touch of sugary sweetness

Date Night - Citrusy blend of lime, tonka bean, lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang and litsea.

Denim - Comfortable and light like a pair of denim jeans, this fragrance combines soft musk with jasmine, vanilla sugar and patchouli.

Desert Sands - Refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base

Dew Diligence - Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mist and aquatic florals which come together to create a sexy, modern twist on this fresh & clean fragrance, complete with tender green notes and beachy musks.

Dew Drops - A rainforest fragrance with wet dew; fused with tropical florals & sweet tonka bean.

Diamond Love - Plumeria Blossom, Lotus, Lily, Jasmine, Musk, Blonde Woods and Cherry Blossom

Down To Earth - Grounding blend of Oakmoss & Patchouli

Dragon's Blood - Our take on the popular essential oil. You know Dragon's Blood when you smell it.

Dragonfly Moonflower - An exotic floral with top notes of raspberry, a hint of jasmine, violet, and wild rose, and bottom notes of sandalwood and musk.

Dreamsickle - A refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling.

Eat It Raw - Melons, peaches, apples, pears and more...

Egyptian Amber - Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid

Egyptian Dragon - Blend of essences of tears of myrrh, dragons' blood, patchouli; with floral notes of rose and jasmine, and base notes of woodsy musk.

Egyptian Lavender - A lavender with a white lily accent.

Egyptian Musk - Light and sensual, this universally appealing scent transports you to distant lands with notes of fresh water and sanctifying sandalwood.

Emerald Beach - Sugar white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. The ocean breeze whispers like a lover, placing salty kisses on your cheek. It's Vacay time!

Emperor (Tsar Type) - Green Notes, Lavender, Artemisia, Rosemary, Bergamot, Coriander, Cinnamon and Neroli

Empyreal - A soft warm fragrance that includes sweet coffee notes, white amber, and delicate light floral notes.

Enchantment - Earthy sandalwood & ylang ylang, with notes of baby powder, patchouli, and vanilla

Endlessly in Love - A green fruity floral bouquet with apple, rose and jasmine.

Energizing - An invigorating blend of sweet orange and spicy ginger.

Espresso - A rich blend of dark roasted coffee beans, vanilla cream and sugar crystals.

Eucalyptus - Camphorous, minty aroma with notes of green.

Eucalyptus & Bergamot - Take advantage of the energizing magic of citrus and aquatics, this slightly earthy essential blend offers them in an original cool way -- brisk and refreshing.

Eucalyptus Mint Spa - Soothing and healing notes of Eucalyptus coupled with bright crisp mint to awaken your senses!

Eucalyptus Rain - A soothing blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, and fresh rain.

Eucalyptus Spearmint - Invigorating blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, peppermint and ginger.

Execution - Spirited and mischievous mix of spicy heat and leather, top notes of tempered lemony herbs trail to a middle of clove, licorice, warm florals and leather ending in a base of patchouli, teak and flannel.

Exotic Crush - Pistachio and almond, heliotrope and jasmine, caramel, vanilla, salt, and sandalwood

Exotic Green Tea & Asian Pear - A hot summer day is no match for a plate of cold-cut fruit. Enjoy the juicer scents of the Asian Pear and Grapefruit, as you imagine sitting in your freshly mowed backyard patio. Rose and Violet notes from the garden blend well into this sweet fragrance.

Exotic Grove - Imagine yourself lying in a hammock on the beach, while drinking a fresh Mai Tai. A fresh and energizing aroma that stirs the senses and brightens the spirit with its crisp citrus essence; Mandarin Tiki fragrance is an upscale, complex aroma of mandarin rind, red currants, strawberries, and blueberries.

Exotic Seabreeze - Cool, brisk aquatic breezes sweep over your body leaving you refreshed and tingly.

Extreme Noir by Tom Ford Type - Amber Woody fragrance for men. Cardamom, Mandarin Orange, Neroli, Rose, Vanilla, Amber, Woody Notes and Sandalwood.

Fantasy Island - A rainforest fragrance with wet dew; fused with tropical florals, sweet tonka bean, cranberries & pomegranate.

Femuline - Bergamot, Clove, Cardamom, Rose, Amber, Vanilla, & Mahogany.

Ferocious Beast - Rosemary, jasmine, lily of the valley, vetiver and rose and finishing with a woody, oakmoss and white musk

Fig Tea & Cucumber - crisp and clean

Flawless - Romantic & Ethereal...Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, Ebony.

Flirty Chic - Radiant droplets of mandarin shimmer upon sweet, sparkling goji. Sugary nectar of deliciously ripe Guavaberry trickles over petals of tropical hibiscus

Floral Explosion - A floral symphony of jasmine, freesia, orchid, rose, tea, patchouli, woody musk and vanilla. When you smell this, you're going to say, "floral explosion!". The florals are in there, but the woody musk and patchouli dominates this oil. A mysterious and alluring scent. You're going to love it even if you're not a floral fan.

Flower Bed - Delicate white flowers and wildflowers topped with hints of aquatics and citrus.

Forbidden - Tempt your sense with Violets, Plum, Frangipani, Narcissus, Artemisia and Rose.

Forbidden Fruit - A tempting, juicy fragrance of green apple, red delicious apple, and pineapple; middle notes of tropical peach blossoms, and orchid; all sitting on a fruity, floral musk.

Forget Me Not - Hollywood, glamour, and attitude! A blooming rose accord balances with hints of lily, while patchouli warms the floral tones. Precious amber, warm woody notes and soft musky vanilla surround the bouquet, Paparazzi style. Roll out the red carpet, this dramatic fragrance is an Academy Award Winner!

French Fig - Sweet musk notes embrace light floral nuances of jasmine, white flowers and lilacs

French Lavender - French lavender flowers in the morning

Fresh Brewed Coffee - Aroma of strong black fresh brewed Arabica coffee beans

Fresh Linen - Soft subtle back notes of powder and musk. Very similar to downy fabric softener. Notes include: jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk and French vanilla.

Fresh Rain - A refreshing ozony aroma with hints of lily of the valley, fresh hyacinth, with a top note of wisteria.

Fresh Watermelon - Sugary slices of fresh watermelon invoke feelings of warm sunshine and backyard barbeques. True slices of summer!

Frooty Hoops - No kid (nor adult) can forget the smell of a fresh bowl of Fruit Loops in the morning. Lemon, cake and other fruits make this wonderful mix of fresh breakfast cereal

Frozen Margarita - Smells like a margarita straight from the blender

Game On - A woodsy scent blending rich oak, with sensual sandalwood for the contemporary man on the go.

Geisha - A delicate infusion of Asian spices, musk and florals, very feminine, seductive and complex.

Genie - Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème

Georgia Peach - Freshly sliced ripe and juicy Georgia peach

Go Deep - Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, Charred wood, dark suede & patchouli. Don't be superficial...Go Deep

Goji Berry Bliss - Sweet berry blend of blackberry, goji berry, loganberry and gooseberry with accents of Valencia orange, vanilla cream and sugar musk.

Grapefruit Lemongrass - An eye opening blend of grapefruit and lemongrass to awaken your senses.

Grapefruit Mangosteen - Ripe fresh Citrus and Cool Mango top notes with middle& bottom notes of pineapple, jasmine and rose

Graphite Steel - An invigorating blend of sage, bergamot spice & leather woods. Clean, warm and fresh. Definitely sexy and masculine. Clean and sexy!

Great Life - Effervescent top notes of mixed berries and apple boosted by juicy tangerine with green floral lily and sweet vanilla bottom notes

Green Leaf & Bamboo - Leafy green with a hint of woody bamboo.

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford (M) Type - Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Dominant vetiver accompanied with salty notes and sunny, woody accords. It features shiny citruses, spices, precious wood and vetiver.

Guava Fig - Mixed berries & apple boosted by juicy tangerine with green floral lily and sweet vanilla

Gummy Bears - Just open up a bag and take a deep breath! Will take you back to your childhood.


Hawaiian Road - Coral Hibiscus, Blush Peach, White Lilies, Hawaiian Breeze & Tropical Musk

Hazelnut Cappuccino - A rich- creamy blend of dark-roasted coffee- hazelnuts- and cream. A coffee-lover's favorite!

Hazelnut Coffee - Freshly brewed Arabica coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla with a base note of nutty hazelnuts.

He Knows - A masculine blend of cedarwood and sandalwood with rich musk.

Hemp - woody, resinous scent that can only be hemp.

Home Sweet Home - There is no place like home sweet home so here is what that scent should be. Warm Spicy Apples, Cinnamon and hints of Nutmeg

Honey Vanilla Love Dust - Incredibly sexy aroma of raw honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate.

Honeydew - A green yet sweet fruit with hints of peaches, apples and strawberries

Honeysuckle Gardenia - Notes of pretty gardenia are seduced with a tease of rose and sweetened with tender honeysuckle in an exceptionally beautiful blossom.

Honeysuckle Me - Soothing, rich floral scent of spring flowers after rain, citrus accents and a smooth sandalwood blend.

Hot Pink Pomegranate - This sparkling fragrance is a bright pomegranate with tart citrus and pomegranate notes, a slightly floral heart of jasmine and violet leaf.

Hummingbird - sweet and spicy white ginger flower growing wild on the islands of Hawaii.

Ice Capade - Refreshing and calm. Lemon, peppermint, and spearmint; a warm middle note of buttercream; and base notes of vanilla and menthol.

Icy Shyne - Juicy melon and sweet raspberries pooled with a bountiful bouquet of muguet, peonies and magnolias softened with white musk.

Island Girl - luscious salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm sunshine.

Island Water - Bergamot, Lime, Coconut, Mandarin, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Musk, Rum and Sugar

Jamaican Vanilla Cafè - A harmony of rich roasted Jamaican coffee and sweet vanilla beans making this scent a delightful temptation

Japanese Pear & Ginseng - Sweet Japanese pear blended with ginseng in this enlightening fragrance

Jasmine Neroli - Surround yourself in the heady, mysterious aroma of Neroli and White Jasmine. This fragrance oil is a luxurious blend of deep, rich florals bolstered by hints of green leaves, citrus, and petitgrain.

Jet Setter - Jet Setter is for the man who wants to be seen and noticed. Bergamot, Black Currant, Apple, Moroccan Jasmine, Rose, Oakmoss and Vanilla

Jimmy Choo Blue (M) Type - This woody aromatic leathery fragrance boasts top notes of clary sage to strike a balance between freshness and refined texture. The tonic transparency of bergamot brings a breath of fresh air and contrasts with the spicy warmth of black pepper. The intense texture of leather reveals itself in the heart of the fragrance, assuming an extreme masculinity enhanced by the urban elegance of grey amber and the vegetal woody facets of cypress.

Karma - The aura of orange, lavender and pine with notes of patchouli, lemongrass, cashmere and musk.

Kiss Me - Jasmine & lily top notes complimented by hints of apple and lime.

Knockout - Cool and green masculine blend. With light citrus followed by exotic florals and clove buds on a bed of cedarwood.

Kudzu - A unique aroma, described as sweetened grapes with fresh greenery notes and floral undertones.

Lavender - A floral and herbal lavender bouquet.

Lavender & Moroccan Mint - Minty notes and herbaceous lavender in a sparkling aquatic base.

Lavender Luxury - A lavender lover's dream! A tranquil combination of fresh herbs and cool camphor. Unique and lovely! 

Lavender Martini - Gin martini meets lavender

Lavender Mint - What do you get when you mix lavender with vodka, add a sprig of sage and basil, then kiss with white musk and a soft woodsy base? An upscale, spa-like scent that will make you scream WOWZERS! Definitely NOT your average lavender scent... very clean and absolutely wonderful!

Lavender Rose - Soft lavender and roses blended to create a subtle floral classic.

Lavender Vanilla - Lavender Vanilla is a soft herbal floral blend of lavender with a hint of vanilla.

Leather - From New Cars to New Shoes we all love the smell of fresh leather!

Lemon Pound Cake - Sweet Lemons, Raw Sugar, Grapefruit, Vanilla Extract, Rum, Tonka Bean, Butter Cream & Vanilla Creme. Smells fresh baked.

Lemon Verbena - A fresh, crisp scent of lemon verbena is delightfully blended with the zesty layers of a citrus complex, including juicy hints of grapefruit and orange. Tantalizingly tart!

Lemongrass - A refreshing bright zip of lemon with notes of green.

Lick Me All Over - There is no mistaking this exotic and seductive scent...Rich with notes of fruit and tropical paradise...Raspberry, Melon, Citrus with a slight floral note.

Light Lager Type - The aroma of sweet, malted grain and the bitterness of hops blended together perfectly for a fragrance truly reminiscent of beer

Lighter Than Air - Softly scented Rice Flower blends with soothing Shea Butter, warm Amber, and exotic Musk.

Like A Boss - A sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. 

Lily & Hibiscus - A floral fragrance composed of enchanting lily notes and a kiss of tart hibiscus. 

Lily of the Valley - Soft & delicate white floral fragrance.

Little Black Dress - Sweet jasmine blooms intertwine with fragrant rose scents and the succulent tonalities of peach nectar

Love Black Pearl - Honeysuckle, Red Currant, Peony, Iris, Musk and Sandalwood

Love Potion - This sensual fruity, floral fragrance has notes of coconut, lily, lavender, and jasmine with a base of musk and woods.

Luscious Watermelon - Caution: this is not the fragrance to bring to a hoity-toity soirees' due to the overwhelming urge to spit seeds. You have been warned. It is that true to a fresh cut, ripe watermelon! Salt not included.

Lush Linen - luxurious sun-bleached linen wrapped in lemon and white tea infusions. Aromas of linen and lily of the valley enhance the clean sweetness, while sandalwood and vanilla balance the airy, ozonic quality of this fragrance.

Lush Meadow - A fresh and intriguing blend of agave, sea kelp, ocean breeze, citrus zests, sparkling bergamot, dewy cyclamen and soothing sandalwood.

Madly In Love

Magnolia - A fragrant blend of exotic white flowers.

Magnolia Showers - A rainforest fragrance with wet dew; fused with tropical florals, sweet tonka bean & magnolia.

Mahogany Coconut - A sophisticated Summer Fragrance, perfect for those long, leisurely evenings.

Mahogany Suede - Mandarin balances suede, tobacco leaf, verdant greens, and balsam with hints of mahogany

Mahogany Teakwood - Imagine a beautiful, serene hike in the woods. The air is welcoming your nose with the smell of earthy, wood accompanied with the scent of fresh fruit and flowers from a nearby field. You feel nothing but peace and bliss as you spend time in the great outdoors

Malibu Heat - Inspired by the hot pink sunsets and 27 miles of beautiful beach, Malibu Heat is juicy and hot. This complex fragrance oil fuses many top, middle and base notes to create a powerful, but well-balanced blend: fresh mandarin, juicy orange, crisp pear, succulent pineapple, orange blossom, lily of the valley, coconut milk, creamy vanilla, seductive sandalwood, and sunny musk.

Marble Toffee Crunch - A warming aroma of toasted coconut and sweet brown sugar glaze compliment a decadently smooth white chocolate.

Melon Mist - Refreshing combination of wild watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh sliced honeydew melons.

Mercury Azul (Bleu De Chanel Type (M))

Midnight Lotus - An exotic, dreamy midnight stroll with lilies, watery cyclamen, water lotus, blue hydrangea, blooming iris and dew-covered grass in view. Soft, warm notes of vanilla, musk and Kashmir woods complete this beautiful fragrance.

Midnight Sky - A refreshing breeze on a warm summer night.

Misbehavin' - A flirtatious, fruity, sexy fragrance! A tantalizing aroma of sweet juicy candied apples and pomegranate, with nuances of fresh ivy and oakmoss. A Best Seller!

Mojito - Juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum.

Moonlight Roses - Fresh hydrangea flowers mixed with rose petal fragrance. One of our favorites!

Moroccan Vanilla - Fresh Moroccan vanilla beans with hints of sweet musky florals. A Soap Guy Favorite!

Moroccan Wood - Vetiver, Patchouli, Virginia cedar, Incense, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Pepper, Cypress and Thuja.

Mr. Right Now (Burberry Weekend Type) - Comfortable, casual and relaxing. Bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, followed by juicy pineapple and melon. Ivy leaves, sandalwood and oak moss are in the heart. The base is surprisingly sweet, made of amber and honey.

Narcissist - A seductive blend of warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting patchouli spiced with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon, orange blossom, and hints of anise

Need A Time Out - Jonquil, marigold, hyacinth and precious woods -- fresh with subtle airy ozonal notes that truly has a spa-like quality.

New Car Scent - Did you know that when people are polled to find out what aromas they like best, many of these people mention the smell of a new car? This is our rendition of the smell of a new sports car with Italian leather seats!

Night Cap - This warm musky blend opens with citrus highlights that accent a heart of fresh white flowers. Lily and muguet bloom in a soft bouquet as a highly textured wood complex soothes the senses. Exotic musk is sweetened with golden amber and black vanilla at the base of the scent.

Nighttime Secret - Tropical ylang ylang balance with sensual jasmine and hints of rose to form a rich floral scent, surrounded with green leafy accents.


Ocean Mist - Sicilian Orange, Star Jasmine, Ocean Water, White Cedar, Musk

Ocean Rain - Crisp ozone notes with sea salt, orange and rose.

Ocean Rush - Refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

OMG Olive - Bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot intertwine with leafy olive branches, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla.

Orange Caramel Cake - The unassuming, orange-flavored cake hiding coyly behind an extremely rich caramel buttercream icing is to die for. Together, it can be a sensory overload, but if approached in some moderation, it can be quite satisfying also, just like the real thing.

Orange Cream Cupcake - A delectable aroma of Orange Peel, Tangy Lemon, and Citron Zests; combined with rich notes of Creamsicle Frosting, Brown Sugar, Sweet Buttercream, Drizzled Rum, Bittersweet Chocolate, and Vanilla Extract.

Orchid & Black Amber - Floral, Amber, Musk

Oud & Bergamot Intense Jo Malone (M) Type - Precious oud, reframed. The mysterious, smoky character of this revered wood, central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot and an orange granite accord. Hypnotic. Alluring.

Palila Island - Palila is Tahitian for ‘with a spirit as free as a bird’. This scent makes me feel free as a bird. A revitalizing escape… the sunny citrus aroma of crisp juicy mandarins and vibrant lemon verbena.

Palms & Paradise - Upscale fragrance begins with a rejuvenating medley of sweet orange blossoms, yuzu, and kumquat; followed by middle notes of juniper, Mediterranean fan palm, and rosemary; and creates complete ecstasy.

Paradise - An island fantasy inspired by white sand beaches, endless blue skies and clear turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. This alluring fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani and water lily drenched in sun-kissed coconut and white musk.

Paris Chic - Sweet citrus bouquet enhanced by hints of juicy peaches, tart cherries and berries on a background of musk.

Paris Nights - Be transported to the city of lights with the seductive scent of Paris. Take in this pleasant musky floral that celebrates Paris with notes of French jasmine, Clementine, cabernet musk, water lily, dewberry, and patchouli leaf. Paris Nights is a very sophisticated, sensual fragrance well suited for night time.

Park Ave - Park Ave is where sophistication and upscale meet. A classic & clean masculine fragrance

Passion & Steel - Vanilla Bean, Bourbon, Raw Honey, Oakmoss, Cocoa Butter & Chocolate

Passionflower & Acai Berries - A perfectly, feminine accord, with just the right touch of tropical fruits to provide its uniqueness. A gorgeous combination of Island Passionflower, Red Currant, and Mandarin, Acai Berries, Sweet Plumeria, Green Leaves, Hawaiian Jasmine, Amber, and Orange Flowers.

Patchouli Classic - Deep earthy and woody aroma

Peace & Serenity - A relaxing blend of freshly picked lavender flowers, with juicy citrus top notes; well balanced with woodsy base notes. Help your worries and stress melt away.

Peaceful Valley - Starts off with a clean fresh citrusy and green fruity top note. With middle notes of fresh peach, juicy pineapple and green apple and light Jasmine flowers.

Peach Bellini Bikini - Orange slices glisten with sparkling rays of translucent white peach nectar and bubbly champagne.

Peach Magnolia Raspberry - Succulent blend of Lemon, Grapefruit, Peach Nectar, Raspberry, Pink Tulip, Soft Jasmine, Magnolia, Wild Honeysuckle, and Sheer Musk.

Peach Sangria - This refreshing summertime favorite splashes juicy peach with white wine for a perfect day at the pool.

Peach TartSweet and sensual, but also rich and characterful

Peach Zinfandel - Refreshing white wine is flavorfully kissed with sparkling rays of translucent peach nectar.

Pear Glace - A sparkling blend of pear nectar, cassis and violet.

Pear Quince - This fragrance has the enticing aroma of fresh, sweet, crisp fruit. It's positively stunning!

Pear Raspberry - Sweet with a little tart. Great mix of two classic fruity fragrances.

Peppermint - Cool minty aroma of fresh peppermint leaves.

Peppermint Mocha - All-Star festive blend brightens the holiday season with flavored peppermint, steamed milk, sweet vanilla, rich chocolate and warm aroma of fresh coffee.

Peppermint Stick - Bright and refreshing peppermint blended with sweet sugar crystals.

Pheromones - Classic hot man fragrance; masculine, sexy, and irresistible. Clean and inviting citrus notes of bergamot and grapefruit, open up to a sensual bouquet of white floral and woody violet, grounded by the deeply sensual scent of oakmoss and sandalwood.

Pineapple Daze - This deliciously decadent scent blends forward notes of tart, fresh cut pineapple with undertones of creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream - an unbeatable summertime combination!

Pineapple Mango - Tropical fruit heaven. The pure essence of juicy, sun ripened Pineapples and Mangoes all in one fragrance!

Pink Berry Mimosa - A playful combination of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus peel and sparkling pink Moscato.

Pink Daisies & Goji Berries - Spring is in the air with this lively fusion of citrus fruity freshness and delightful daisies amidst a flower laden meadow.

Pink Pomelo & Sea Salt - Pink Pomelo, Grapefruit, Lemon, with a splash of Raspberry, mellowing to somber hints of Cotton Candy, Ocean Air, Green Apple, and Gardenia. Cedarwood and Sandalwood finishes over like a warm, natural breeze.

Pink Sugar Type - Sweet, delectable cotton candy essence with hints of jasmine and musk.

Playmate - Juicy red pomegranates sparkle like rubies in moonlight. Enticing. Fiery. Seductive.

Please Her - Mandarin, Cardamom, Ginger, Bergamot, Amber, Patchouli, Tonka, Vanilla & Incense

Pomegranate Pomelo Martini - upscale girly cocktail aroma that begins with top notes of juicy pomegranate, pink grapefruit, and apple peel, leading to middle notes of Jamaican pomelo and dried black currant; and sitting on a sexy white wine accord, soft woods, and musk. This Girl has Got it Going On! 

Pumpkin Creme Brulee - A buttery creamy bouquet with a rich vanilla background and a wonderful hint of pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice - Blend of cinnamon & clove with vanilla & pumpkin.

Rainbow's End - Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

Raspberry Cosmo - top notes of pink raspberry, Florida orange, and green lime juice, followed by middle notes of juniper berries, lemon zests, and a Triple Sec accord; sitting on intoxicating notes of violet leaves, a Vodka accord, and a dash of sugar

Raspberry Cream - A juicy yet creamy delight of raspberries, vanilla and coconut

Raspberry Cream Cupcake - Fresh raspberries, pear, apple & Madagascar vanilla

Raw Sugar & Mint - Sugar crystals infused with fresh dried peppermint and spearmint leaves

Red Clover & Tea - Sweet herbal mix with a hint of fruity berries. Unique and strong feminine fragrance.

Red Roses - Our classic Red Rose Fragrance Oil possesses the traditional, romantic aroma of freshly picked, long-stemmed red roses. A favorite, timeless fragrance that captures the aroma of love.

Redwood & Saffron - Sensual notes of redwood, coconut, jasmine and saffron create and addictive creamy blend.

Reflection - Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, white musk, vanilla & oakmoss

Relaxation - A sophisticated blend of blue lavender and Palmarosa.

Rosemary Mint - A revitalizing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and mint.

Rose Storm

Rosewater & Ivy - Step out to a dewy, cool morning scented by blooming, cool Autumn flowers every time you catch a whiff of this elegant Fall fragrance.

Rosewater & Musk - A modern & delicate medley of airy rose water blended with jasmine petals & creamy musk

S'mores Vanilla - S'mores with a hint of vanilla & fire roasted marshmallows

Sable - Exotic blend of black cardamom, smoky vanilla & a hint of musk

Saffron & Cedar - A wonderful arrangement of fresh-cut cedar trees surrounded by saffron spice, violet, and geranium

Sandalwood Rose - Earthy wood and lush rose petal notes are expertly blended with complimentary green tones on a base of soft musk. An enchanting scent that captivates the senses!

Sangria Punch - A refreshing melody of grape, orange, lemon, lime, and apple, followed by pomegranate and blackberries

Sapphire Nights - Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Pink Peppercorn, Rose, Peppermint, French Lavender, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli

Satin Sheets - A truly romantic, seductive blend. With base notes of white and dark chocolate, it smells almost edible! Other notes include violet, fresh jasmine, musk, blackberries, vanilla, and just a hint of fresh green top notes.

Satsuma Guava - A vibrant splash of satsuma tangerine blended with fresh jasmine and orange blossoms.

Scent Of Seduction - An irresistible scent; pomegranate, sparkling mandarin, dewberry, blackberry, iris, jasmine, sheer musk, sandalwood and red cassis.

Secret Wish - Honeysuckle, Red Currant, Peony, Iris, Musk and Sandalwood

Sex in the Shower - A juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla.

Sex on the Beach - A classic, tropical and citrus blend of pineapple, grapefruit and orange.

Shea & Coconut - Picture fresh shavings of delicate coconut blended with scattered tiny grains of sensual sandalwood and topped with rich, creamy shea butter.

Silk Panties - soft vanilla creation on an amber sandalwood base

Sinfully Hot - A strong cinnamon bark blend is followed by warm wood and sweet amber to create the ultimate spice scent. 

Skulls & Roses by Ed Hardy (M) Type - Bergamot and Cardamom; middle note is Lavender; base notes are Musk and Oakmoss.

Slay - This fragrance is explicit, exclusive, and fabulous, this oriental artisanal scent features spices and warm and sweet gourmands.

Smoked Vanilla Type - An intriguing, rustic and masculine fragrance that balances smoke and creamy vanilla notes with spices to tone down the sweetness generally found in vanilla-based fragrances. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Smoking Gun - Dark notes of black leather, patchouli, and oud wood are enhanced with vetiver, black pepper, and vanilla.

S'mores Vanilla - S'mores with a hint of cinnamon & fire roasted marshmallows

Snickerdoodle Latte - Rich roasted Columbian coffee that is blended with spices and hints of toasted nut in this beverage sensation. A base of vanilla butter cream adds tempting sweetness to the blend.

So Fresh - Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Amber

Socialite For Men - Fresh beads of morning dew surround this sensual blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely textured musk accord creates masculine appeal as it blends with hints of precious amber and rich vanilla bean at the base of the scent

Soft Spoken - Oakmoss and lilies; middle notes of ylang ylang and jasmine; bottom notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood.

Somalian Rose - A rose like no other! A classic rose fragrance livened up with hints of wildflowers and carnation. Truly beautiful!

Sophisticated - An uplifting scent of mimosa with hints of various exotic white florals, lilies, plumerias, apricots and plums amid swirling ribbons of raw honey.

Sparkling Pear - A sparkling blend of pear nectar, cassis and violet.

Stallion Noir - A seductive marriage of tainted rose and wild geranium with addictive, "can't live without it" notes of bergamot and gold amber.

STL Swag - Intoxicating scent that has clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose.

Storm Watch Type - A cleansing ocean air before the storm. Inspired by the Yankee® scent.

Straight to Heaven Type - Woody Spicy fragrance for men

Strawberries & Cream - Fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of creamy sweetened whipped cream

Strawberry - Fresh picked strawberries.

Strawberry Milkshake - Smells just like an old-fashioned strawberry milkshake. Sweet, ripe strawberries blended with creamy vanilla. Hints of orange, and peach lay down a nice background.

Strawberry Passion - Ripe strawberries, cotton candy & French vanilla.

Suede & Lace - Bergamot, Floral, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla

Summer Breeze - This much-loved scent is an explosion of tropical fruits and rum. Juicy tangerine, orange peel, and lemon. Sweet pineapple, tropical coconut, and orange add to the beachy aroma before the rum transforms this fruity fusion into a cocktail. A dash of sugar rounds out the fragrance for just the right amount of sweetness.

Sunrise Delight - This fun scent is a great mocktail that adds depth to ordinary orange juice, with the addition of some strawberries, to make it a very unique scent

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - Sassy, saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk.

Sweet Pea - An English Garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.

Tahitian Waterfall - Sweet jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall. You will be in Heaven!

Tayberry & Teakwood - Bamboo and teakwood, with middle notes of tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, cloudberries, and peaches, with subtle hints of red clover and sweetgrass

Temple Tamer - 



The Cake Room - Perfect blend of an old-fashioned bakery. Notes of buttery vanilla combine with fresh dough and batter, with hints of sugared almonds to complete this fantastic fragrance.

The Fastlane - Sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood.

The Gentleman - Experience the clean & fresh scent of a well-groomed man with a fresh shave. A crisp yet woodsy fragrance invigorates the senses.

The Perfect Man - Imagine, a man who is Confident, Trustworthy, Successful, Romantic, Sexy, Sensual, Daring, and has a great sense of humor. Would you call that...The Perfect Man?

Tiare Gardenia - Tiare is a variety of gardenia, admired for its stunning, aromatic, white flowers. A Tahitian beauty oil, called "Monoi", is made with the fragrant tiare flower and coconut oil, and is prized for use on skin and hair. The exotic beauty of these gorgeous aromas are brought to life in this botanical, fresh and tropical affair! Floral accords effortlessly intermingle with rich essences of gardenia and whimsical whispers of island coconut. A harmonious base of smooth, creamy vanilla adds sweet, dreamy depth to this opulent, alluring and blissful ambiance of scent!

Tibetian Amber - Powdery top notes of lotus blossoms, rose, and jasmine, with Oriental notes of amber, musk, patchouli, and French vanilla bean.

Tiger Lily - A vibrant blend that brings together notes of blooming lilies and sweet melon over warm musk.

Tipsy - A rich, warm blend of bourbon, vanilla and hints of warm oak.

Toasted Hazelnut - Freshly toasted hazelnuts with notes of vanilla and butter.

Tobacco Caramel - Rich, warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin, honey and rose.

Tobacco Vanilla - Aromatic spice notes and fragrant tobacco leaves intertwine with creamy vanilla, spicy cacao, the new-mown hay nuance of Tonka bean, and the aroma of tobacco blossoms. The sweet tonalities of dried fruits and resinous woody notes blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord

Tranquil Oasis - Pamper yourself with this luxury spa fragrance that soothes the senses and rejuvenates the soul. A refreshing blend of cool citrus notes of satsuma and verbena, followed by rich French jasmine petals and salty sea notes, and rounded out with exotic musk and oriental bamboo.

Tropical Cravings - A summer arrangement of fresh mandarin oranges, tropical fruits, creamy coconut, and vanilla bean.

Tropical Dayze - An amazing blend of ripened, sweet pineapple, aldehydic rose, velvety violets, white orchids, and black currants.

Tropical Mojito - Refreshing lime blends with rum, tropical pineapple and acai berry.

Tropical Paradise - Spritz a refreshing cocktail of tropical passionfruit, juicy pineapple, freesia, fresh banana, and amber

Tropical Snow - Mouthwatering aroma of creamy sweetness and tart fruit. Reminiscent of a fresh tropical smoothie, this delicious smelling fragrance is an exotic treat.

Tropical Terrain - Pink Grapefruit, Ripe Peach, Valencia Orange, Raspberry Sorbet, Summer Snapdragon, Velvet Rose

Turtle Brownies - Get ready to drool. This Chocolate aroma with Caramel and Nuts is a delectable treat

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford (M) Type - Leather fragrance for women and men. Raspberry, Saffron and Thyme; middle notes are Olibanum and Jasmine; base notes are Leather, Suede, Woody Notes and Amber.

Vanda Orchid - Wild berries and blooming flowers combine to create romance with this fruity floral creation. Sparkling citrus tones lead to a wild blueberry accord as the scent unfolds. A bouquet of delicate white Vanda orchids is laced with fresh green accents to balance the fruit accord. Generous musky undertones and rich warm woods add clear sweet softness to complete the luxurious fragrance.

Vanilla Almond - A comforting blend of nutty almond with warm vanilla and cinnamon notes.

Vanilla Bean - Freshly picked pods from the Madagascar plant.

Vanilla Bean Christmas - A warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, rich caramel and soothing cream.

Vanilla Coconut - Smooth, creamy coconut & toasted vanilla beans

Vanilla Fatality - Vanille Fatale is a force of nature personified. A beguiling tempest that takes over like a rush of blood to the head. The impossible becomes real, too good to be true becomes true. Her – or his – unrelenting hold is fixed, refined yet raw, polished yet primal

Vanilla InsanityFrench vanilla and whipped cream butter; followed by middle notes of cotton candy, chestnuts, and maple sugar; all sitting on a dry down of vanilla beans

Vanilla Lace - creamy vanilla bean notes blended with coconut and a hint of musk.

Vanilla LavenderA relaxing and tranquil scent that is also unique and memorable. A well-rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli

Vanilla Musk - Soft musky base note with hints of vanilla.

Vanilla SmoothieSmooth and Creamy Vanilla

Velvet Orchid Type - Shimmering freshness, honey, rum, and a dramatic floral veil, and it lives in Black Orchid’s world of glamorous mystique, while exuding its own ultra-feminine essence.

Velvet TouchAn alluring fragrance filled with fruits of nectar and exotic florals blended with sweet vanilla and honey for an evening filled with romance.

Very VanillaVanilla bean, buttercream, and cake are rounded out by a hint of bourbon.

Victorian RoseFresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber.

Violet Noir - Fruity Notes, Bergamot, Citruses, Violet; base notes are oak moss and Woodsy Notes.

Violet PatchouliViolet and patchouli in our mystical base of fruits, oriental florals, neroli, amber & musk.

Vixen - Dazzling florals of all varieties are amazingly blended to create this upscale fragrance for the bold woman in you, not for the quiet or subdued -- silky vanilla base finishes off what is an unforgettable night-time fragrance.

Warm Vanilla SugarWarm vanilla aroma with a musky back note. A Best Seller!

Waterlily & BluebellMorning dew kissed fields of wild bluebell and violet flowers.

Whipped CoffeeFill your home with the most irresistible pleasant aroma of expresso, whipped cream, and buttered caramel.

WhiskeyAn intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes and smoked oak.

White Jasmine AgarwoodJasmine, Orchid​, Marine, Cinnamon, Clove & Agarwood

White Linen - A pure and airy fragrance reminiscent of clean cotton blowing in the breeze.

White Mountain - A fresh fougère fragrance, with top notes that are lively, bright and clean, heart notes that are magnetic, and dry notes that create an unforgettable signature.

White Musk - A creamy and sensual variation of musk.

White Peach & HibiscusWhite Peach, Kaffir Lime, Lemon Leaf, Sweet Lilac, Sheer Hibiscus.

White Peach & Silk BlossomsElegant & upscale. A beautiful arrangement of sophisticated florals including peony petals, muguet lily and silk flowers (mimosa flowers), floral sandalwood and floral musk, with effervescent top notes of fresh peach, mandarin, and neroli blossoms.

White Truffle RaspberryA decadent blend of white chocolate, juicy raspberries and sugar cane.

White Woods - Golden Sandalwood, Muguet, French Iris, Soft Vanilla Flower, Jasmine, Timberwood, Tonka Bean, Cashmere Musk & Ivory Oud

Wild Blackberry VanillaWild tart, crisp, beguiling and delicious.

Wild Passion - Very popular fruity perfume. Comparable to Victoria Secret's Love Spell

Willow WhispersBlend of green tea and willow combined with water-cress, ozone, orange flower, jasmine and cyclamen, then sprinkled with hints of amber and cedar.

Winter Chill - fresh yuzu, zesty lemon, and fragrant mint. Its middle notes are a combination of florals and sweet, savory spices

Wintergreen - Cool, crisp notes that will export you to the forests of the frozen Alps.

Fragrance list last updated on April 30, 2022