Our Story

The Fab Friend is a lifestyle brand with humble beginnings.

Melissa J Fleming, CEO of The Fab Friend, is the mother of 3 wonderful daughters who all suffer from eczema.

When I started The Fab Friend, I didn't have a business plan because I started it out of necessity. I have 3 daughters who all suffer from eczema. After years of doctor's appointments, my girls were tired of them and becoming afraid of doctors.

A lot of the medications that are prescribed for sufferers of eczema have ingredients in them that aren't beneficial for long term use. After using them for long periods of time, they become ineffective or the side effects don't justify the use.

I know that a lot of the medical profession is guessing, so I figured if a doctor can guess for a paycheck, I can guess and my only motive is making my children's lives better.

I started doing research on alternative medicine websites. The same ones that medical schools publish information to regarding holistic methods they are looking into further, for all types of diseases.

Once I knew what they were looking into, I did more research to learn how to make products from scratch. My days were long and my nights were longer.

That's how The Fab Friend came to be. No business plan, just a mother's desire to see her children live better and be better.